Skrive av Joseph Mugerwa - 21. november 2014
You have moved from just a brand name to an household product.

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, the Roman emperor and philosopher, once offered these wise words: “Loss is nothing else but change, and change is Nature's delight.” In thinking about how I might offer a fond farewell to Coop byggmix Vang, I had cause to think about those words. While it might be sad to lose you, your departure from here is certain to be the delight, if not of Nature itself, then certainly of all who are fortunate to see you in the future.

This December it will be two years ever since i moved here, but I feel like I knew you more than that. You have  moved from just a brand name to an household product. With our low incomes you have managed to find something for everyone without discriminating the rich and the poor,the black and the white,the women and the men,the young and the old.The first time we had winter games at the Mottak we looked for Samaritans who can sponsor the tournament Coop bygmix was one of them, you stood out and gave us the best,we hoped we were building a life time relationship with your sales. It is unfortunate you will not be part of this years`tournament. 

As we struggle to reach that magic number 1724 by 2020,in one way or the other you have been part of the struggle towards those  figures so leaving right now it is drawing us back to the drawing board to find an everlasting solution.Despite all that you have proved yourself much more than capable, you have been instrumental your input has played an important part in our success. Your products till now still stand out the rest,the hospitality and the ambiance you showed to us will never be forgotten. You have truly made a positive mark on us.

May be i have not been the best customer,but I know we are many who are going to miss your services. Hope it is a wake up call to all of us to stand together against whatever is the cause for the closure of this outlet. I believe your destined for the better and indeed the time might be now though it is difficult to accept. You have been here for eight years but your impact will be felt forever.

And so it is that we will have to say farewell to you. We thank you for all that you have done for us over the years. We thank you for your services. We thank you for being a price friendly outlet, indeed you have brightened this village. We will sorely miss you, but we wish you the best of luck.

Loss, as Emperor Antoninus commented, is really just a form of change, and change can and often does present an opportunity for all involved. While we are saddened to lose, but we can also look forward to welcoming new faces, and whatever unique experiences those companies bring with them. We hope they will prove as smart, resourceful, and enthusiastic as you have been and even more.

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Joseph Mugerwa
Joseph er ein enkel mann med sterke meningar og artige idear. I tillegg er han leiar av bebuarrådet ved Vang mottaksenter. /// Joseph is a simple man with a strong heart and generous ideas. Plus he´s leader of the resident council at «Vang mottakssenter».

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