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tirsdag 04. november 2014 kl 17.34

Living in a fridge

Writing Norwegian is top on my list of things to do this season, if all goes well my next blog will be in Norwegian but for now allow me use English. Though still, it is not the best. Being a resident of Vang I thought I would contribute something on this page.

As I looked for something to write about I pulled the curtains of my window it was snow I thought then maybe I can share something about my experience especially this season about winter.

My gloves, boots and the scarfs are now a necessity for my daily outfits not forgetting those woolen underwear, I hate these vitamin tablets, talk of this fish oil these and much more are part of me this winter.

White is one of my favorite colors, but these ice cold white crystals make me have a different feeling about it, to be honest I hate snow. It makes me feel like am living inside a fridge. The worst part of the cold is my daily bicycle ride. I have a daily 10-15 minute bicycle ride towards the gas station. To describe how miserable it is, I'll use an example. I'm pretty sure that you that a hair dryer works by blowing hot air to dry something. Now imagine that, but using cold air instead of hot air. The effect is a bombardment by cold, dry air. It's not very fun. Even with many layers, gloves, and a cap, my exposed face is so cold that my lips almost hurt.

For a start this will be part one about my winter experience in Vang i Valdres. Am looking forward to writing more blogs especially the good side about it and also the happiness that comes along the season.

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